Brooklyn Chase Big Tits Nipples Pinched Hard

Brooklyn Chase is in a little gym or workout room, sharing it with a couple of guys who she doesn’t know. They can’t help but notice their female busty friend as her big tits and plump ass jiggle as she pounds the rubber on the treadmill. If she only knew what was about to happen to the big nipples on her big massive fake titties. Her nipples are about to get pinched hard, and she doesn’t even know it yet.

One of the guys has the courage to approach her and strike up a conversation, and she’s happy to have their company. He wants to take things a little further, and after his friend leaves he thinks it’s time to move in for the kill. However she’s a bit worried that his buddy will come back and embarrass her.

Brooklyn Chase Big Tits Fondled and Fat Nipples Pinched Hard

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Thankfully she relents, accepts his advances and they continue their workout in a hot and sweaty fashion, sans clothing.

Brooklyn Chase has some seriously big tits, and loves getting her nipples pinched hard, and gets all of that in more in this little porn flick.

In fact I thought about posting this video clip to my other bigger blog Boob Massage Videos, because her big tits and nipples do get a good firm massage after all. He fondles, squeezes and pampers her titties throughout this whole clip from the site My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend.

My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

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Brooklyn Chase Sexy Girl Covered in Sweat

Another great video from FuckedHard18, this time with sexy new pornstar Brooklyn Chase whose just hit the scene in mid 2012. Brooklyn’s got a really cute look, she’s stacked and has some nice thick ass and hips too. But if you do a search for her, don’t be surprised if you end up at a bank in New York.

She came to the set wearing a little short cutoff jean skirt with a shiny wide belt, and a striped tank top with a light purple bra underneath. Her hair is brown and shoulder length, which looks good on her. Also she’s wearing a pair of tall black platform heeled open toed shoes.

Brooklyn Chase Massage Scene Sexy Covered in Sweat at FuckedHard18

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By the time this video clip starts her clothes have already hit the floor, and she’s sucking her massage therapists dick while he rubs her ass and thighs. From there we get a nice view of her giving a nice slow erotic blowjob. He tells her she has pretty eyes, and like a good girl she looks up to let him enjoy them.

When she sits up and stops the blowjob part of the scene she’s looking fucking amazing, all covered in sweat and shiny from the baby oil too I’m sure. She spreads her legs wide and gets fucked and fingered, then sexed hard again as her fake titties fly up and down against her chest.

Fucked Hard 18

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Brooklyn Chase Fucked Standing Up Against Wall

One of the best porn scenes I’ve seen in a while, we have Brooklyn Chase fucked at Porn Fidelity. They’re really showing they go the extra mile to shoot their scenes. This is the kind of stuff you’d expect from a big budget production studio like Digital Playground or Vivid, not from an amateur couple with a few porn sites. Really impressed.

Brooklyn Chase gets the fuck of her lifetime in this video, no question. There’s a full storyline for this scene, aptly titled A Girl’s Secret Life.

Brooklyn Chase Fucked in Intense Sex Scene Penetrated Standing Up From Porn Fidelity

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ Porn Fidelity : .MP4, 42:54, 2.6GB, 1920×1080 HD, 8,500k

Literally any portion of the full 43 minutes would make for a great sample tube clip. It’s just a hot scene from start to finish. Plus there’s 32 minutes of extra behind the scenes content in another video available for members. If you’re a Brooklyn Chase fan this is the video you need to be owning without a doubt.

I especially like that she handcuffs herself to begin the scene in a closet and leaves a trail of clothes so she can be found. Brooklyn Chase is half clothed in the dark, and leaves him a flashlight to find her with. Truly one of the sexiest starts to a porn scene I’ve ever seen. What guy doesn’t want to be the dude in this video?!

It also has a very unused sex position of pressing her against the wall, with Brooklyn Chase fucked standing up, her body pressed flatly on the wall behind her.

One of those scenes where the model should be paying the producers. Boggles the mind that she gets paid to have the ride of her life like this. Really great stuff from Porn Fidelity, showing why they’re one of the most underrated adult sites on the net. They also have the site Teen Fidelity, but I don’t think Brooklyn Chase is featured or appears in any of the scenes there.

Porn Fidelity

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Brooklyn Chase Bio New Brunette Ready For Sex Action

A lot of people are digging this new brunette pornstar Brooklyn Chase. I’m going to have a hard time writing a bio for her, because there’s really not a whole lot to go on so far. Seems to be a recurring theme when I make a first post on a new starlet’s blog. Unless someone did an interview with them in one of their first ever scenes, it’s a bit of a challenge to find anything out.

I went through a number of pages of her Twitter account trying to find out where she’s from, and I can assume somewhere in California but really not sure yet.

Sigh! I’ll have to come back and do another bio type post for Brooklyn Chase after she has a few more scenes under her belt.

I’m kind of surprised she chose the name Brooklyn though, when there’s Brooklyn Lee as well, and she’s a current, active and quite famous pornstar in her own right. Hell she has nearly 150k followers on the Twitters! Brooklyn Chase on the other hand has 2k, so a bit of work to do there. In time my dear, in time.

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Brooklyn Chase

Age: 26
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110lb / 51kg
Measurements: 32DD-25-37
Country: USA
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: ?
Implants: Yes
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


Brooklyn Chase looks taller than the 5'2" that her talent agency lists her at, but she verified it for me on Twitter. She's a new busty brunette porn starlet with fairly large fake tits and a really cute face and smile.


Brooklin Chase

Action Level

+ Fully Nude
+ Masturbation
+ Girl / Girl
+ Handjobs
+ Blowjobs
+ Hardcore Sex
- Anal Sex
- DP
- Extreme

About Brooklyn Chase